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Astro facial
A deeply relaxing facial using facial reflexology which works on acupressure points and meridians. To begin we look at your astrology chart which highlights times of change which may have affected your emotional health. Using the 5 element theory the facial will aim to soothe and re-balance emotional disharmony.

Facial reflexology has been used to treat conditions from insomnia and stress to hormone problems. I have personally had success with anxiety, depression, migraines, and cystitis. It has been suggested that because it is closer to the brain, it seems to stimulate the healing process quicker than foot reflexology can.

I am now integrating cranio-sacral therapy into the facials. I have had success using these combined treatments with headaches, migraines, vertigo, sinus problems anxiety and depression.

I would recommend a course of 5 treatments for on-going health issues. A special price for on-going treatments can be arranged.

80 minutes - £80

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Using facial reflexology techniques, this will take you to a deeply relaxed, meditative state to promote healing. Some clients report sensations throughout their body as the face is gently worked on. Others see colours or enter a dream-like state. A firm massage to finish leaves the face glowing and plumped.

45 minutes - £45

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Back Massage including facial
A Relaxing back massage using deep tissue work designed to ease and free the back. This is followed by a facial using facial reflexology

60 minutes £60

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Full Body Massage
Using Swedish massage, remedial massage, lymphatic drainage and sports injury techniques, this will leave you feeling more flexible, yet relaxed.

60 minutes - £60

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Ultimate Massage
This 1 hour 45 minute massage combines the full body massage with a facial. A luxuriously relaxing treat.

1 hour 45 minutes - £100

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