Having never tried facial reflexology, I was struck by how deeply relaxing it was - at least as much as a massage. Jo is professional and provides a safe and nurturing environment for a genuine TREATment. I would really recommend this for anyone who likes massage, but wants to try something new. It's for anybody who is after pampering with a healing twist.

- Helen Massey

I couldn't recommend Jo highly enough. Her friendly calm presence is a pleasure alone, but she is highly accomplished in her skills and approach. She combines great natural talent with great skill. The treatment I received was lovely and relaxing and importantly gave me a lift emotionally and physically. The actual session itself is extremely calming and relaxing and brought me back to inner consciousness something I have struggled to do. The treatment managed to re-balance the excess fluids in my skin leaving me with renewed confidence. I would not hesitate in recommending Jo.

- Melissa Hodgson-Phillips

I would just like to say thank you to Jo Munro for giving myself and my friend such a great spa day on Saturday. The massage I had then with Jo was one of the best massages I've ever had, and as a qualified massage therapist myself, I have had many over the years. My friend also said that the treatment Jo gave her had been outstanding.

- Client at Spa Illuminata Danesfield House

I found this to be a beautiful overall holistic and healing process with the added immediate visible physical benefits of enlivening my skin. This was not a standard facial and is quite hard to describe in words. Jo is a gifted and intuitive practitioner and I felt that this treatment balanced the energy centres of my body as well as allowing chi/ prana to flow with more freedom throughout the body. I felt light being channeled in to the body throughout the treatment raising my vibration and energy as well as clearing blocks throughout the levels of the patterning. The treatment was deeply relaxing and allowed me to go in to a different state of consciousness. I felt completely safe and nurtured by Jo and her healing space and found this treatment to be a profound and totally unexpected experience.

- Alexandra Gabriel

I had the most amazing Astrology reading today looking at my charts and relating to my life past life, past present future which was then grounded in a beautiful facial reflexology/ cranio sacral and chakra balancing therapy. I am still processing and assimilating the impact and insights... I can't recommend this highly enough as a new type of treatment that works with Astral, energetic and physical planes. I am looking forward to my next one already!

- Andi Coope