about me

I have been practicing healing therapies for over two decades and am deeply interested in understanding the connections between mind/body health.

about me Following on from an interest in aromatherapy, I started practising massage therapy in 1994 after qualifying in therapeutic, lymphatic and remedial massage from the London College of Massage.

My interest in holistic health continued as I was surrounded by therapists practising various healing treatments. I took further short courses in nutrition, homeopathy and hold a Reiki I certificate.

After 10 years of massage therapy, I decided to explore my childhood interest in astrology. By this time I was living in Melbourne. My studies at the Chiron Centre gave me a fully accredited diploma in astrology and my studies included modules in Greek Mythology, dream interpretation and counselling from a Jungian perspective. I graduated in 2006 seven years after taking my first class and have worked in an professional capacity ever since.

about meSince completing a diploma in Facial Reflexology over two years ago and practicing since, I have been amazed at the profound energetic shifts that occur during the treatment. Facial reflexology works on meridian lines-the invisible channels that carry energy throughout the body. This powerful rebalancing therapy treats imbalances and leaves you looking brighter, clearer and radiant. It has been my clients that have persuaded me that I should combine the power of astrology and facial reflexology to give my future clients a truly unique experience.

My passion is understanding the connections between mind/body health. Some of my clients like to have an astrological reading for insights into their current situations and then follow up with facial reflexology for energy balancing or to treat current physical symptoms. But of course, the type and length of treatment is completely up to you.

I am constantly updating my learning and studies and am currently undertaking a craniosacral therapy course which I will shortly be integrating into my treatments.

about me