An Astrological consultation helps to give meaning and understanding of your current situation and will reveal your personality traits, desires, needs and life’s timings.

Many of my clients find that a consultation during a time of change gives helpful insights to a situation that seems out of control. Together, we will look back at the major events highlighted in your birth chart and from here, look to the future. I am reluctant to make predictions for your future as I believe we are responsible for our own destiny. However, a reading will highlight your strengths and weaknesses and with a meaningful conversation, together we can look at how you can live your life as your most authentic self.

Birth Details

I will need your date, time and place of birth before the consultation. An accurate time of birth gives the most detailed reading (as far as timings go). However if you are unsure of the exact time, plenty of information can still be gleaned from the chart.


You will receive a printout of your chart and you are welcome to e-mail me with anything that you would like to discuss further. Often dreams are vivid after the subconscious has been activated. I will interpret any dreams you have after the consultation. You are also welcome to record the session.

Illustration section by 'Astrology O Ka Fee' by RubisFirenos